19 Jun 2021

How to Choose a Fragrance of Women's Perfume Based On the Zodiac Sign

Horoscopes are not a new trend. It’s been discussed for ages since people learned about stars and their effect on persons’ lives. However, choosing things like perfume and clothes on the basis of one’s zodiac placement is the new trend. Since it’s really an interesting topic, people gladly discuss it: some of them believe this is nonsense, while others choose to listen to astrologists, at least when it comes to choosing a fragrance.

Zodiac signs actually affect a lot of people’s choices. Depending on your sign, there are lists of recommendations on what to wear, what food is best to choose, and more. There are hundreds of tips that can make you feel lost and frustrated. But why do people and especially women still believe it with such passion?

Why Are Recommendations Based On Horoscope So Popular?

Some people believe in astrology, yet others think it makes no sense. Of course, it’s not a science, and horoscopes have no scientific background but people believe them anyway. Although astrology cannot predict your fate, it can be really good at generating some overall recommendations for your everyday life. You can think of it more like statistics that studies people’s characters to determine some general qualities for each zodiac sign.

When it comes to women, they always look for ways of self-improvement. They tend to spend hours on the Internet learning about their color type or body shape just to find what clothes will suit them best. In this way, they try to personalize every recommendation they can find. That is the main reason why diets or types of behavior based on astrology are so popular – because women always try to customize any advice.

At this point, choosing eau de parfum relying on your sign is more like a piece of fun advice, which you may try out and check if it works for you. It’s great because you can go back and choose something entirely different at any time. But let’s dive into the topic and see what your zodiac placement has to offer in the area of perfumes.

Types of Zodiac Elements and Their Preferences in Fragrances

Four elements – earth, water, air, and fire – also represent groups of zodiacal signs. Each element includes three of them. These three signs are more or less alike and have similar preferences.

For example, people under the earth sign like strong complex compositions with a citrus or floral theme. At the same time, some of them like bright fragrance, while others prefer invigorating fresh scents. Anyway, intense odors always attract much attention of these signs.

Water signs prefer to smell like the sea. They like those types of perfume where you can feel oriental flowers, marine plants or notes of wood species. Any of these options is able to fascinate them for a long time. 

Representatives of air signs usually look for a floral aroma. They are interested in a fragrance where they can catch fresh greens and flowers. They will definitely like the motifs of lilies, delicate jasmine or roses, which have to be subtle and soft at the same time.

Signs of fire love heavy and haunting notes. The smell of oriental spices always draws their attention. They look for an eau de toilette that is able to besot and envelop. They will certainly examine every bottle that smells like pine needles, frankincense or spices.

Fragrance for Every Sign

In its turn, each sign has its own likes and dislikes in the perfume world. Let’s see if these recommendations will fit your sign:

  • If you’re a Virgo, astrologists suggest you to look at sweet-based perfumes, like vanilla, which can emphasize your gentle nature. Flowery scents like lily or lavender suit Virgo perfectly. Sometimes a bright citrus base notes like lemon or orange blossom can be the best ones. With advancing age, they start to look for something more intense but nevertheless feminine.
  • A Taurus woman often chooses classic floral motifs where one can clearly spot fresh accords or a sweet flower bouquet. Spices and light woody notes also emphasize their emotional character. Sometimes, representatives of this sign like musk aromas with subtle notes of violet and hyacinth flowers. Taurus can be easily defined in a crowd by their intense scent.
  • Capricorns are usually stubborn, persistent and always moving towards their goals. Capricorns rarely pay much attention to the choice of a new scent. Their choice is centered around classics – the intense aroma of expensive lather or tobacco or even masculine scents. With the help of these smells, they feel to appear more hefty and respectable.
  • In terms of choosing a fragrance to try, Pisces is rather tricky to give recommendations to since this is a very unpredictable and many-sided sign. They can buy toiletries with notes like roses, lilies, and dandelions today and surround themselves with black pepper and wood scents the next day. It’s funny, but both options suit them perfectly.
  • As a true representative of the water element, Cancer always loves the sea smell more than any other. And this resonates with their choice of perfume greatly. The calming scent of sea waves, sometimes complemented by a citrus or floral motif is what they really enjoy wearing. Properly selected aromas can even push them to creative activities and add some confidence.
  • Scorpions are very bellicose, full of energy and usually have a strong character. They love the smell of vanilla and fresh citrus scents. Different flowery smells will also be a good choice. This sign is the sexiest among the other ones and behaves mostly selfishly, so choosing the perfect smell for them can be a real challenge. Their signature scent is strong and musky.
  • Libras have amazing skills in choosing the perfect smell. They can play with a number of flavors and smells, but it’s important for a scent to match their mood. Light smells like subtle flowery notes are perfect for them. However, they often have a relish for tobacco motives in their choice – with their help, they become more determined and self-confident. However, they also like sweet notes that make them feel feminine and beautiful.
  • A restless Gemini always behaves like two different people –  one likes a citrus motif, and another wants to wear only a spicy oriental perfume. These women will definitely enjoy light, energetic aromas with top notes of fruits. Soft aromas based on flowers can be a nice choice as well – these bouquets can calm their emotional nature and help them relax.
  • Aquarius can be safely considered the most independent among the whole kaleidoscope. Appreciating freedom and wild nature more than others, this sign prefers flowers and fresh bouquets. Those motives always take first place in their collection. Subtle and natural smells fit them amazingly. The right perfumes for this sign include notes of orange, fruit flavors and sandalwood.
  • Cheerful and friendly Sagittarius people love notes of refreshing citrus and woody accords. They tend to choose any of the smells suitable for the fire element – from wood-citrus to punchy floral. People of this sign enjoy spicily and ‘hot’ aromas like cinnamon, black pepper, and saffron. Flowers like rose and cloves can also make a good impression.
  • Despite the fact that signature perfume used by Aries is classic woody and spicy bouquets, they also might be interested in any other found among rich and enveloping notes. Citrus fruits together with floral scents can be quite intriguing for the sign. Besides, Aries enjoy mixing different scents together. Flowers and citrus, wood and spices can truly attract their attention.
  • The inexhaustible energy of Leo can easily ignite everyone around them. To feel more at peace, they often choose classic floral accords. However, the main thing for Leo is that the aroma should be bright and bold since they enjoy other people’s attention and being in the spotlight. Warm aromas with a rich top note are the best solution for Leo, as they can bring them some calmness and peace of mind. 

As you can tell by now, a lot of recommendations for different signs are alike and don’t go into extremes. You can use them as general guidance to make the experience of choosing a fragrance more rational and dedicated. Or you are free to experiment and choose the exactly opposite direction for checking if these horoscopes are entirely wrong. Maybe, they still have some compelling grounds?

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